Here's what people are saying about Behn Basketball Camps

Thomas is playing lots of basketball these days and he is always talking about things he learned in Behn camp.   We sign up for those camps first and plan the rest of our summer around them.

Erin Sibley - Mom

I had the best time at the Behn Girls Overnight Camp in Bridgewater. I met great friends and my coach was awesome. He taught me a lot. I cannot wait to come back next year.

Kerry - Camper

Caeli just finished a great week at Behn Camp! Awesome coaches, meeting new friends & having fun-playing some ball! Thank you to all the wonderful coaches.

Rosa - Parent

Thanks for a great week of camp in Southborough. Love that the kids are sent home with an evaluation so they know what to work on.

Nancy - Parent

This was my first overnight basketball camp and I loved every bit about it. All of the coaches were amazing because they weren't just your coach, they cared about you off the court too. The drill stations were hard but they were fun at the same time. The food was good because there were a lot of choices.

Samantha - Camper

It was great; you learn so much knew stuff. I've been coming to this particular camp for 3 years and each year I come back better that before with all these new moves. The coaches are great, funny and knowledgeable about the game.

Jenny - Camper

What you guys do is amazing, thanks for giving kids like my younger brother somewhere fun and exciting to go during summer where he can make new friends and meet people interested in the same things as him!

Tanya Bourassa

My oldest daughter went through two summers 5-6 years ago and loved it. My middle daughter attended last summer and can't wait to get back this year. Maybe my youngest daughter will attend next year. A great camp for girls to learn basketball.

Donna Shepherd

Camp is by far the best week of the summer! Now after all the years it's like a family reunion an I have learned so much from it!! Can't wait till camp this summer!

Michaela Shaw

Camp was highly recommended by all of our friends. We signed our daughter up. Won't miss it this summer.

Margaret Kohin

One day earlier this summer I was reading my local paper and found an advertisement for your camp!  I suggested it to my son, and he was a little hesitant, but he then decided to give it a try.  My son just finished the week long basketball camp for boys at Barnstable High School.  I was so impressed with all the counselors.  It was such a positive atmosphere!  Even though my son had some serious blisters after day 2, he still wanted to go every morning!  Thanks to the trainer who taped up his ankles the last few days!


Although there was a small turn-out for the boys, the program was fantastic and Bret was awesome.  My son is thinking about going to an overnight camp next year, along with attending the clinic at BHS!!  I only wish you had more clinics at BHS during the pre-season.


When I picked him up on Friday I asked him, "So what did you think?"  Will's response was, "That was the best camp ever!"  You can bet that I will be passing along his sentiments to friends who have boys who play basketball, so hopefully there will be more boys next summer at the BHS camp!


Thanks for running a great camp at Governor's Academy in July. It was my daughter's first time at sleep-away camp and she can't stop talking about it. She loved her dorm, had fun meeting new friends, and learned a lot on the basketball court.

Kathy Koman

My daughter Allison Sheehan just returned from Governor's Academy and had such an incredible time! She has always had the zest for basketball, and now she has gained the confidence and aggressiveness that she struggled with. It's a wonderful feeling for a parent to see her daughter so happy and enthused. Thank you for the positive energy and role modeling that you gave to all your aspiring basketball players.

Sue Sheehan

My daughter has been coming to Sarah Behn camps for a number of years. I'll never forget her first experience at your camp (and I'm sure Lily will not either). Every day after camp, Lily would come home, wouldn't even come in the house, and begin shooting basketball. When dinner was ready, she would come in and head back out immediately. I watched as she played until it was too dark out and she had to stop. She continued this the rest of the week (and a good part of the remainder of the summer). On Friday, you held your award ceremony. Lily won the Most Improved Player that year. I'm sharing this story because I believe your camp has had a tremendous impact on her. She has set her goals to playing basketball at BC, has already got herself a BC shirt and there is no doubt in my mind, that if she set her mnd to it, this will be. She's a hard worker and very motivated. But the point is, whether she makes it to BC or not is immaterial because the lessons she has learned are invaluable. I'm sharing this story because I believe your camp has had a tremendous impact on my daughter. The things you've taught and modelled at Behn Camp - skills, goal setting and positive reiinforcement have really helped her as a player, student, and individual. Your camp serves as a wonderful inspiration to Lily. She's looking forward to her summer at Wheaton College!

Janice Abarbanel
Sharon, MA

What a great experience it was for my 11-year-old daughter to attend your camp in Coventry, RI last week. It was everything she had hoped it would be and so much more that she won't even realize until she's on the court next season! Her confidence is sky high! She learned how to perfect so many fundamental skills in just 5 days of your camp. It was the perfect setting for girls to really improve, in fact, she won the trophy for "most improved player". That in itself was so satisfying for her - to work hard all week and see so much accomplishment.


Kate Skwara and her fellow coaches ran a great team-building and professional program. I applaud your philosophy that not everyone receives a trophy for merely showing up and paying the camp fee. I am grateful that my daughter learned that traditional sportsmanship value!

Karen Hersum
Sudbury, MA

I want to thank you for the great week my daughter, Madeline, had at camp. She really enjoyed every aspect of the camp and we are so happy about all you were able to squeeze into a day. It is quite obvious that you know how to run a fun, well-organized camp where kids are really learning and polishing skills. Thanks again.

Maryann Bouchard

Though we've said only a few words to each other, you have been a tremendous mentor for my daughter, Jacy. She has attended your Basketball Camp at Franklin Pierce College in Rindge, NH the past two years.


After her first year at your Camp I noticed Jacy's basketball skills and confidence improved dramatically.


Jacy tried out for a spot on the Lady Panthers Travel Team based out of Lowell, Ma. She was one of 9 other girls trying out for two positions. She made the team.


Once again, thanks to you and your team of counselors for what she learned, she is ready.

Janice Pack
(proud Mom of Jacy)

My daughter Ashley Kingston attended your August 15th camp at Regis College. I can't tell you how much she enjoyed the camp! As you may recall, Ashley is deaf. She absolutely loves basketball and has attended another basketball camp sponsored by our local high school team. Although she enjoyed that camp, she was unable to fully participate as for the most part she had great difficulty understanding what was going on. She follows the drills by copying the other girls but she misses out on the explanantions of the rules and feedback from the coach's. Because of the interpreter, which you cost shared with TLC, Ashley was able to fully participate in your camp. She couldn't wait to go to camp everyday. She practiced every night what she had learned during the day (even having me practice for the mom shoot)! She also enjoyed having other deaf girls at the camp so she had someone to talk to (sign with) joining group times. I really became aware that you offered these deaf girls camp scholarships so Ashley would have deaf peers. I wanted to thank you for that as having those girls there made a tremendous difference for Ashley. We plan to go watch one of the girls play basketball on her school team this fall. Ashley also made friends with some of the hearing girls in her group.


The camp was very well run with great coach's. Ashley would love to attend again next year. Thank you for making a difference in a child's life!

Susan Kingston

"My name is Chelsea. I am 12 years old and attended your camp last summer. I got very, very homesick. But your mother helper helped me through the week and so did a lot of other adults. They took most of their time off just to be with me. So I would like to say thank you for last year, it was great of you to help me and I am now a starter and the point guard on my home school basketball team. Sarah Behn improved me that much in my skills for basketball. And I would like to tell you that I am attending again this year. So thank you for the summer of my life!"

"The Shooting Clinic that you did for our girls last winter was greatly appreciated and very well received and I fervently hope that you will do it again this year."

"Just a note to let you know that Kali's first overnight camp experience with you last summer was terrific!! She loved the Camp, the instructors and the entire basketball experience!!"

"Just a short note to thank you for running such a fabulous camp for girls. I think you are such a positive, uplifting role model for young girls."

"I just wanted to let you know that Shanna enjoys your program and loves basketball and you are helping to make a little girl's dreams come true."

"Mel made many friends, especially at Babson overnight. You and your staff are excellent role models and she can't wait to share her experiences of basketball."

"I've learned a lot at your camp. The most important thing I learned is that you have to believe in yourself and that with hard work and practice you can reach your goals and overcome doubt."

"Thank you very much for letting me come to your camp! I had a great time and learned a lot. The coaches were great and they made it easier to learn and have fun."

"It is terrific that we can utilize such a great role model to demonstrate that hard work pays off."

"I really want to tell you that your basketball camp during the week of July 5th was a big help to improve my basketball skills. My father and two coaches say that they can really see a large improvement in my game."

"My daughter attended camp this past week in Franklin and has not stopped talking about it. Thank you so much. She has been to several camps over the past few years and thinks yours was the best. Every day was wonderful. Thanks again."

"Thank you so much for everything you did for my girls."

"Just a short note to let you know that my daughter, Lauren, had yet another awesome week at your basketball camp!"

"We are looking forward to next year already - she's out in the driveway as we speak keeping up with what she learned! Enjoy the rest of the summer and we'll definitely see you next July - no doubt about it!"

"Thank you for running a quality camp."