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Basketball Clinics

Clinics are available during the fall, winter and spring months. For the past 18 years, Sarah and her staff have conducted numerous clinics for young  basketball players in an attempt to help them improve their shooting technique and overall fundamental skills. We have also worked with coaches of youth basketball to help them better teach the fundamentals of the game.

The clinic can be customized to meet the specific needs of your group. The players' clinic runs for a minimum of 1 hour with a required minimum of 50 players to schedule an event.  We also run coaches' clinics that run for 1 hour and require a mininum of 10 coaches to schedule.

Prizes are offered during the players' clinics as well as a gift certificate toward Behn Basketball 2012 camps.

Call Lisa at the camp office at (508) 549-0997 or email us at behncamp@aol.com to schedule a clinic in your town!

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What kids say about Behn camps:

"Thank you very much for letting me come to your camp! I had a great time and learned a lot. The coaches were great and they made it easier to learn and have fun"